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Course dates and prices


The SPA, or Single Pitch Award, is a nationally recognised qualification for those wishing to supervise individuals and groups top and bottom roping, abseiling and using artificial climbing structures. The Single Pitch Award is administered by the MTUK through home nation boards. As a nation-wide award, it is quite acceptable for those registered with, for instance, the MTE to be trained and assessed by an MTS registered provider. It is also fine to be trained and assessed by the same provider. Registration on the scheme is a pre-requirement for the courses, contact the MTS on 01479 861248 for a prospectus and syllabus.
We use the superb crags in the north-east of Scotland, with the base generally being at Grantown on Spey, just north of Aviemore.


Our course prices are the most competitive in the UK and our course quality second to none.


The SPA training course is run over two or three days, with a total of 20 hours training contact time. It covers a variety of relevant skills, and both personal climbing and group session techniques will be covered, as will the use of climbing walls. Full details of the topics covered are available in the SPA syllabus.


The SPA assessment course runs over two days, and tests the candidate on a variety of syllabus related topics, such as personal climbing and abseiling skills, group climbing activities, the solving of common climbing-related problems, etc.


One day re-assessments for deferred candidates are arranged to order, and are usually on a 1:1 basis. You do not have to have been originally assessed by us to attend a re-assessment here.

EXPERIENCE: Meeting the re-assessment criteria, as laid out in your original deferral.
RATIO: 1:1 - 1:4
£155.00 per day for one candidate, £180.00 per day plus £5.00 per person for 2-4 candidates. Cost covers sticker/s, admin costs, course report etc.
Dates to suit - call us to arrange a suitable time.

In addition to the above, we keep a list of candidates requiring Single Pitch Award training or assessment on dates other than those indicated. If you are looking for an alternative date, or wish to make a last minute booking, please call us for the latest date list. Vacancies are often available at short notice.


We have a number of dates for this year, covering all of the technical skills and problems that are useful to know as either a current SPA holder or for someone heading towards assessment. These popular courses are 1 day long, and will include a full personal debrief at the end of the day.

EXPERIENCE: Completion of an SPA training course or for those with exemption. Also suitable for SPA holders looking to keep current.
1:1 to 1:4.
£200.00 for 1 to 4 people.


Dates are available to suit as required.


All registered SPA providers have to adhere to certain guidelines set out by the MTUK. To ensure continuity between providers, moderators observe courses on a regular basis. Below is an extract from one of our moderation reports:

"The day covered aspects of the syllabus such as multiple anchors, top and bottom roping, abseiling and group management. All were well covered at an appropriate level for both the candidates and the award. I was pleased to see a lot of candidate involvement and the chance for them to set up and discuss group climbing equipment and abseiling situations. The course also inter-acted in a very positive way with other crag users and the candidates given the opportunity to see for themselves how SPA should be used when sharing the cliff with others. In short this was a good course well delivered with plenty of time spent on the important basics but at the same time offering a range of suitable techniques. The fact that no time was lost over lunch or other breaks was good and ensured maximum use of time".