The Mountain Leader Specialists

Course dates and prices


Our summer walking, scrambling and navigation courses are often arranged with dates to suit. The cost is £200.00 per day for 1:1 or 1:2 ratio, plus travel expenses if relevant. For larger groups, please contact us for a quote. We are very happy to tailor-make your course to fit in with your individual requirements. For instance, you may wish to spend a couple of days purely concentrating on navigation skills, or perhaps a weekend of introduction to general hillwalking. If you are unsure as to what would suit you, please feel free to give us a call and we'd be most happy to help.

Instruction in Summer Hillwalking Techniques This course provides a superb grounding in how to walk safely in mountainous areas under summer conditions. Map and compass work, micro-navigation, clothing, equipment choice, weather, route planning and security on steep ground are all covered. We spend every day in the hills, dealing practically with each topic so that a working knowledge of the methods used can be quickly learnt. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with the information needed for many years safe travel in the hills and mountains under summer conditions.

EXPERIENCE: None needed.

DATES: May 19-23, Jun 9-13, Jul 7-11, Jul 28-Aug 1.

RATIO: 1:4.

COST: £280. B+B or bunkroom accommodation may be booked by arrangement.


Learning to tackle mountain ridges in safety The natural progression from hillwalking, this is the ideal course for the hillwalker who wishes to broaden his/her horizons and be equipped to safely tackle the many superb ridge-walks and scrambles that Britain has to offer. Equipment choice, ropework, belaying, movement on steep ground and navigation are all covered. Initially, we will spend time on a lowland crag learning the basics of ropework, belaying and leading. The rest of the course will be spent scrambling on such mountains as Cairngorm and Lochnagar, and a variety of routes will be tackled. The aim will be to look at roped movement on scrambles at the upper end of the scale, thereby equipping you with the ability and confidence needed for a safe time scrambling in the hills. Please note that we run at a maximum 1:2 ratio unless arranged otherwise.

EXPERIENCE: Summer hillwalking experience of 5-10 days.

DATES:May 19-23, Jun 9-13, Jul 7-11, Jul 28-Aug 1.

RATIO: 1:2

COST:£490. B+B or bunkroom accommodation may be booked by arrangement.