Malcolm Lee MBE, MIC
'Ginge' Lee is a living legend...... Having spent many years teaching adventurous activities to special forces and other military units, he was also the OC of a number of military training centres. Since leaving the forces, Ginge has been working with us for many years and is rarely happier than when putting skills across in snowy terrain, especially if the sun is shining!
Jonathan Preston MIC, BMG
Jonathan is a well known and prolific new-router, particularly in the winter. He spends part of the summer guiding in the Alps and a large part of the rest of the year in the UK, either climbing for himself or guiding and instructing
Chris Pretty MIA, WML, IML
Chris and Pete first climbed together over thirty years ago (!!!) and they have hardly looked back since! Chris can sometimes be found working on SPA or ML courses and, when he is, the banter will be priceless!
Paula Griffin RCI, CWDI
Paula is often found instructing on our RCI courses and has the ability to also work on CWDI courses, as she was one of the first CWDI holders in the UK. Paula enjoys hot weather and is rarely happier than when clipping bolts on a sun-drenched crag, either in this country or abroad.
Karen McIntyre MIA, WML
Karen is a course director for Mountain Leader training courses and is an exceptional climber in her own right. Having competed many times in climbing and drytooling competitions, Karen also enjoys competitive running.
Matt Hawkins MIC

Matt has been winter climbing in Scotland for 16 years and claims to be still as exited as ever about all aspects of the winter! He is a course director for Mountain Leader training and assessment courses and thoroughly enjoys mixing these with both summer and winter climbing, both for himself and as an instructor.
Johannes Peterson MIC
Johannes is a qualified teacher of Outdoor Education and a freelance MIC at Glenmore Lodge, Mountaineering Scotland and the Adventurous Training Foundation Wing (Inverness). Having worked in the outdoors since the late 1990s, he is now based in Inverness where in his spare time he is an active climber, hill runner and orienteer.
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